At Datalink Secure Website & Email Hosting, we recognise the vital importance of a robust and secure online presence for your Australian business. We’re thrilled to introduce a range of powerful features designed to protect your website, enhance its performance, and provide unwavering support at every step of your digital journey.

1. Unwavering Security Shield:

Shield your website against malicious attacks with our Brute Force Attack Firewall. This robust defence mechanism safeguards your valuable data and keeps your online assets secure, ensuring peace of mind.

2. Fortified against Threats:

Our comprehensive Antivirus and Malware scanning offers top-notch protection. It diligently detects and eliminates potential threats, preserving the integrity of your website and safeguarding your visitors’ sensitive information.

3. Uninterrupted Performance:

Experience uninterrupted accessibility with our advanced DDoS Mitigation solution. Whether it’s sudden surges in genuine traffic or suspicious activities, our technology guards against disruptions, ensuring seamless user experiences.

4. Spam-Free Communication:

Bid farewell to the nuisance of spam emails. Our Email Anti-Spam Protection ensures that your business communications remain clean, ensuring efficient and relevant interactions.

5. Geo-Targeted Security:

Heighten your website’s defences with our fixed Russia and China IP blocking feature. By limiting access from regions associated with higher cybersecurity risks, your online assets remain better protected.

6. Daily WordPress Website Backups:

For those using WordPress, rejoice in daily backups powered by Blog Vault. This feature guarantees the security and restorability of your valuable content, providing reassurance and readiness for any unforeseen events.

7. Lock-In Trust with SSL:

Every website hosted with us receives a FREE SSL Security Certificate. This establishes trust with your visitors and improves your search engine ranking, ensuring your business is discovered by those who matter.

8. Personalised Assistance:

Enjoy a personalised journey with a dedicated Account Manager. They’re here to cater to your specific needs, making your web hosting experience seamless and tailored.

9. 24/7 Round-the-Clock Support:

No matter the hour, we’ve got your back. Our 24/7 phone and email support ensures you’re never alone in managing your online presence. We’re just a message or call away.

10. Optimal Performance Assurance:

Rest easy knowing that your website’s performance is our priority. Our commitment is reflected in our limited number of hosted websites per server, ensuring that server CPU is never overloaded. This dedication guarantees your site runs smoothly and efficiently, even during peak times.

We’re excited to bring you these features that safeguard your website and boost its performance and provide the personalised assistance you deserve. Your digital success is our utmost priority.

Your journey to digital excellence starts here. Connect with us today to explore how Datalink Secure Website & Email Hosting can empower your business.

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